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Crime and Punishment
~ presented at Studio Theatre - Galway, Ireland
~ remounted Upstairs at the Academy - Meadville, PA

A book you should have read. A play you shouldn't miss.

A fresh adaptation of the classic novel that stripped the Russian master's story to its most compelling essence: the experience of a man who tries to do something monumental.

In his cramped room, set against the halogen-lit grey rooftops of an equally cramped city, Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov learns the far-reaching consequences of his actions - both good and evil.

Through his flawed yet quintessentially human main character, Dostoyevsky examines the psychology of crime and truths about guilt and redemption. The 19th century story holds even more relevance today in a world where murder is a daily occurrence and we find ourselves asking not "Whodunnit?" but "Why?"

For their third production, Ninth Wave brought their focus on exploiting unconventional performance spaces to the challenging familiarity of Galway's Studio Theatre with a promise to present the venue in a new and exciting light.

Director and Ninth Wave founder, Kelly Colleen McMahon, again employed the talents of actor Patrick Curley who takes on the ponderous job of portraying Raskolnikov while at the same time creating his surreal world. Neassa Walsh joined him as Sonia, the story's angel of redemption.

Remount - Upstairs at the Academy

After reworking the original adaptation text, McMahon and Curley again collaborated to produce this affecting piece in an upstairs studio space at the Academy Theatre. Laura Lee Brautigam, a professional actress and teacher from Pittsburgh, PA, portrayed Sonia.

Elements such as interaction with filmed characters, use of a true skyline, and intimate audience location were maintained in a production that was said to succeed "artistically and dramatically".