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Hamlet & Ophelia
~ presented at The Victoria Hotel - Galway, Ireland

***Winner ~ Best Director***
Nominated ~ Best Production
Project '06 Theatre Awards

Forget the idea of a maudlin, ineffectual Hamlet of your school days! In Hamlet & Ophelia, an adaptation by Patrick Curley and Kelly Colleen McMahon, the Dane's romantic side takes center stage. This new look at a Shakespearean classic was the Project '06 offering from The Ninth Wave. Hamlet & Ophelia ran during the second week of the Project at the Vic Nightclub on Eyre Square in Galway. The adaptation retains the original (albeit abridged) text but adds love letters between Hamlet and Ophelia that bring their relationship to the fore and allow a closer examination of the play's intrigue and outrage.

Put into motion through the elegant metaphor of the gramophone, Hamlet & Ophelia was a memory play that looked back on the rotten state of Denmark with perception heightened by the title characters' passion and courage. Stylistically, the sensual world of Art Nouveau framed the action and further created the production's ethereal quality. The arabesque architecture of The Vic and Mucha/Klimt-inspired costume designs by local milliner Jaime McEleney added to the idea that this story and its characters stepped out of Fin-de-Siecle artwork.

The production itself was a true international collaboration between Galway artists and those from McMahon's native America. Co-adapter Patrick Curley also played Hamlet. Lisa Daly, an American now making her home in Galway, was Ophelia. Corey Rieger, who last worked with the director on her successful Pittsburgh production of Yeats's Cuchulain Cycle, came to play her brother Laertes. Galway musician and actor Morgan Cooke composed original music for the show and renowned Pittsburgh fight choreographer Shaun Rolly created its breathtaking finale. Other Galway actors included Petal Pilley, Joe Greaney and John Touhy.

Hamlet - Patrick Curley
Ophelia - Lisa Daly
King Hamlet - Joe Greaney
Gertrude - Petal Pilley
Claudius - Morgan Cooke
Polonius - John Touhy
Laertes - Corey Rieger
Horatio - Ronan McMahon
Felicity - Aine Mac Nebola
Rosencrantz - Rob McFeeley
Guildenstern - Marc Mac Lochlain