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August 3, 2006

Project 06 Theatre Reviews

by Charlie McBride

The high standard set by the Project 06 theatre programme in week one of the festival happily carried through to week two with another clutch of memorable and very enjoyable shows.

Hamlet & Ophelia

Kelly Colleen McMahon directed the imaginatively staged Hamlet & Ophelia in the Victoria Hotel, using the space's inbuilt features to convey an Art Nouveau styling for the production. She also focused more on the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia, even adding extra lines to foreground it. An ambitious undertaking but her skill as a director and coherent aesthetic vision ensured it was a success. McMahon got strong performances from her cast, notably Patrick Curley (Hamlet), Lisa Daly (Ophelia), Morgan Cooke (Claudius), and John Tuohy (Polonius). Kudos also to Jaime McEleney's costume design.


Project 06 Theatre Awards

The Project 06 Theatre Awards were announced last Saturday in the Rowing Club. The winners were as follows:

Best Production:
POC - Fairgreen Slaughterhouse by Colm Corless
Best New Script:
Littlejohn - Limavady My Heart's Delight
Best Director:
Kelly Colleen McMahon - Hamlet & Ophelia
Best Actor:
Andy Kellegher - GYT's Country Music
Best New Company:
Carnivale na Bploiti


A good or bad year?

Overall 2006 hasn't been a vintage year for theatre in the Galway Arts Festival. Most of the best shows over the past fortnight were to be found in the Project 06 programme - not only from POC, Littlejohn, and GYT who have all graced the artsfest in past years, but from imaginative young companies like Tyger, Carnivale na Bploiti, and Ninth Wave. We hope the arts festival finds some way of accommodating them in 2007 - though all remains to be seen.